Colombia, Mikava – Red Bourbon- Natural- Green Beans


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This micro-lot from Mikava is offered for a limited time only. This red bourbon is quite special, a 50kg lot in cherry form will only produce about ten kilos in green coffee that’s ready to roast. It underwent a special experimental process, submerged in pressurized tanks, using the carbonic maceration method and a very fast microbial activity. This beautiful micro-lot cannot be missed. Located in the “Zona Cafetera”, in the Mountains of Risaralda, Colombia, is Mikava; a coffee estate with two fincas. Their main focus is Gesha (Geisha) but they also produce smaller amounts of various Ethiopian, Red Bourbon, and Sudan Rume varieties that have been used in barista and brewing competitions along with their main variety. Most of Mikava's coffee is produced using the natural process; which produces a full body with fruit-forward flavors. They also process coffee using CO2 (carbonic maceration) which further compliments the flavor profile. Mikava is renowned for its awarded coffee: Gesha from Santuario: 2019 Colombia 1st and second place winner, Cup of Excellence (CoE). Gesha from Marsella:  2020 first and second place Yara Coffee Competition. Gesha Natural: Leo Jinlong Li, 1st place 2021 China Brewers Cup competition, using Mikava's Gesha Cupping Notes: Jasmine, orange blossom, peach, honeyed and juicy after taste.


Risaralda, Colombia


Santuario: 2000 MASL Marsella: 1750 MASL

Date Established:



Red Bourbon


Natural Fermentation, anaerobic, Carbonic Maceration

Cupping Notes:

Jasmine, orange blossom, peach, honeyed and juicy after taste.

Acidity Level:

Delicate acidity


Smooth, full bodied and well balanced

Recommended roast:

Light-Medium roasting profiles are best


Paul Doyle


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