Costa Rica, Coffea Diversia – Dilla Alghe – Honey Process – Green Beans


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Located in a very remote area in the Biolley district, Provincia de Puntarenas, south of Costa Rica, is Coffea Diversa, a unique coffee estate that grows many different rare and exotic botanical variants.

Coffea Diversa has the largest private collection of coffee in the world with more than 700 specimens so far. Like in a conventional flower garden with many types of plants producing many different types of flowers, the Coffea Diversa garden has many different types of rare coffee botanical variants, which are produced in limited quantities and distributed across the world to the most discerning roasters.

Cupping Notes: Distinct spicy floral and honey notes throughout the profile, with a sweet aromatic citrus suggesting tangerine. Flowers influence a delicate but bright acidity. Medium to full body, lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Flowers and the tangerine-like fruit carry into a long, rich finish.


Biolley, Southern Costa Rica


1250- 1380 MASL

Date Established:


Shade Grown:

700+ botanical variants


Honey Process

Cupping Notes:

Spicy floral and honey notes with sweet aromas.


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