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Clydesdale Estate was founded in the late 1700s by Dr. Colin McClarty, a British national who came to Jamaica for what he thought would be a short visit but fell in love with the country and decided to stay. It was one of the first estates to plant coffee commercially in Jamaica. Following Dr. McClarty’s example and realizing the excellent quality coffee produced in this area, other farmers ventured into coffee production in the vicinity of Clydesdale Estate. It is from these beginnings that the Clydesdale coffee region evolved. Clydesdale Estate Coffee was first exported in the late 1700’s and because of the exceptional quality of the beans, it has remained an important coffee growing region since.


Blue Mountains, Jamaica


+/- 3000 feet ASL

Date Established:



Arabica Typica


Washed & Natural

Cupping Notes:

Honey, Floral, Creamy Hazelnut, Soft, Well Balanced

Acidity Level:

Low to medium



Recommended roast:

Medium to dark medium roast profiles are best.

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