Cafe Blue – 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee – Whole Beans


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Renown for its locations across the Caribbean, Cafe Blue sources its 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain beans from Clifton Mount Estate. This estate is renown for the quality of its beans that grow at an elevation of 4000+ feet and is the oldest coffee estate in Jamaica. Furthermore, Clifton Mount Estate is the only estate in Jamaica Blue Mountain to hold a Rainforest Alliance certification. This means that all farming practices are done with sustainability and care of the environment and working conditions for farmers are at their best possible. The coffee beans are of medium roast and are handpicked by Jamaican workers for the best quality, grade 1 beans. You will love the taste of Jamaica in the morning.  

Roast Level:

Medium Dark


Rainforest Alliance


Arabica Typica

Acidity Level:

Low to medium

Cupping Notes:

Cocoa and hazelnut with a sweet and velvety finish



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